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How a global car leasing organization contacted Intrador for the Inspection App.

The challenge?

For this global car leasing company, customer satisfaction is key. Listening carefully to customer’s feedback they noticed that drivers and their employers could be surprised by the extra costs at time of return of the car due to damages and/or missing accessories. The car leasing company questioned how to manage the customers’ expectations in a better way.

The solution

Intrador suggested to launch inspections at an earlier stage, using the Intrador Inspection App. The App can be used for the formal acceptance of the new car as well, welcoming the driver, congratulating the driver with his new car and asking whether the car and delivery were according to expectations. After this first usage of the Intrador Inspection App by the driver, the car leasing company will send out requests for a car inspection on a yearly basis. A yearly inspection takes the driver only 5 minutes, taking a few pictures of his car and mentioning any remarks, while this data will be very useful for the car leasing company. At the same time, Intrador is convinced that a short inspection on a yearly basis will keep the value of the leasing portfolio of cars at a higher level, as drivers will be more careful knowing that they have to do the yearly inspection. At the end of the lease contract, just before returning the car to the dealer, the driver will be asked to do a pre-assessment him/herself according to a fixed format. Intrador’s Inspection App will guide the driver through the inspection and the driver will receive a clear inspection report himself. Based on this inspection and report, the driver will be less or not surprised at all, during the final inspection executed by the dealer. This way Intrador succeeded to support the car leasing company by managing the customers’ expectations.