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About Intrador

We offer software solutions to translate data with smart algorithms into opportunities

Intrador has entered the industries of financial services, insurance companies, OEM's, traders and rental companies. Intrador has developed smart solutions in the shape of an easy to use App.

Intrador is founded in 2017 by Niels Spitters, acting CEO. With a long history in the machine, equipment financing and in the leasing industry. Niels noticed the need for more structured data to manage financed assets and the need to speed up and smoothen processes by digitalization.

Niels built up a team of data scientists, web developers, project managers and industry experts to create smart solutions. Intrador combines in-depth digital knowledge and an understanding of the market thanks to this powerful team of specialists.

Collaboration partner

Connecting, growing, and expanding in cooperation with The Alta Group

The Alta Group Latin American Region and Emerging Markets chose Intrador and it’s technologies to deploy best practices for leasing and asset based finance companies in “Knowing your Assets”, encouraging real time inspections and mark-to-market information that such companies must have at all times to control the real value of their portfolio. Both through its private label application “Alta Group Inspections” and the full fledge applications of Intrador, leasing, rental and asset based financing companies have access to these technologies combining cost effectiveness with management excellence.

The goal for 2022

Intrador, the worldwide data and solution provider in the equipment industry

In the coming years, we will expand worldwide to a position where Intrador is a knowledge center for its customers. We will achieve this by frequently sharing our knowledge, being close to our customers and by a superior working system. We are already focusing a lot on the application of machine learning and will continue to expand this further in the future. We at Intrador believe that processes can be easier, faster and more efficient. An example of a current project is damage recognition on machines and vehicles from a photograph.


Intrador Protecting Information

The core business of Intrador is based on long-term relationships. We realize that we can only achieve these partnerships by trusting that all Intrador’s members act in a responsible way. To maintaining the trust of customers, stakeholders and the society, Intrador strongly promotes a culture of integrity and ethics. Our customers and other stakeholders can expect that all members of Intrador show high ethical standards and act as a fair business partner.

We understand that Intrador’s success is built on trust and confidence in the market. Maintaining a relationship of mutual trust, respect and dignity with all business partners is essential for the sustainability of our business. Intrador respects the different cultures of each country and aims to comply with all the laws and regulations.

Intrador can be trusted with data from our customers and stakeholders. We protect personal data, keep this confidential and keep it no longer than needed for the purpose that we obtained the data. Our customers will be informed and involved about the use of their data.


Intradors Corporate Responsibility

To realize long-term relationships with our customers and partners, Intrador believes sustainability is key. We are committed to support our customers and partners, respecting our planet’s limited resources through innovative solutions. With our digital tools we improve the impact of our customers on the environment.