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Inspection App

Reduce cost by digitalizing the inspection process

Intrador developed an Inspection App based on photos: user-friendly and efficient this makes time-consuming manual processes by field auditors or valuators for extensive inspection redundant. Our Inspection App can be easily configured and branded meeting your requirements. For our customers we have already developed the Audit App, Acceptance App, Check-in - Check-out App, Repossession App, Remarketing App and Branding App. Especially for the Audit App and the Check-in / Check-out App, we are using our Machine Learning models. These models will further improve and speed up the process as photos will automatically recognize e.g., missing options, damages and deviating locations.

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Market Watch

Detailed dashboards are the perfect tool for your asset trades

Intrador collects, processes and analyses real time information of the used equipment market. With this analysed data we create market insights in supply and demand, price progression, stocks and market development. By collecting this information from different data sources online Intrador can provide their customers with precise and detailed dashboards.

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Backoffice system

Track, monitor and create an overview over your assets

With Intradors backoffice system

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