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Inspection Solutions

Intrador offers solutions tailored to your specific needs

Intrador developed an Inspection App based on photos: user-friendly and efficient this makes time-consuming manual processes by field auditors or valuators for extensive inspection redundant. Our Inspection App can be easily configured and branded meeting your requirements. For our customers we have already developed the Audit App, Acceptance App, Check-in - Check-out App, Repossession App, Remarketing App and Branding App. Especially for the Audit App and the Check-in / Check-out App, we are using our Machine Learning models. These models will further improve and speed up the process as photos will automatically recognize e.g., missing options, damages and deviating locations.

Audit App

The Audit App is designed for performing floor checks and inventory audits. Wherever your Inventory is in the world, the Audit App verifies the location and condition of your assets, considering fraud-prevention.

One of our customers, a global leasing company, executes many inventory audits world-wide to check their assets. These assets are collateral for the dealers inventory finance of our customer. But assets can only be seen as collateral, as the assets are present and if the condition of the asset are as expected. Our customer hired many external audit agents through the year to visit the dealer yards. Not always appreciated by the dealer, wrong timing, unpleasant behaviour by auditors (often students), and high costs.

Intradors Audit App, branded in the corporate style of the customer, helps the dealer perform audits by itself. The data will be automatically sent to dashboards, showing the leasing company the ‘no-brainers’ and the ‘red flags’. The Inspection App is currently used by leasing and finance companies, dealers, manufacturers and external audit agents.

Acceptance App

Lease and finance companies used to request their customers to sign a certificate of acceptance, before they launch the finance. We at Intrador developed the Acceptance App to ease and speed up the process. Our Acceptance App confirms the delivery of the asset/machine and checks if it meets the applicable requirements. The App can be used to ‘welcome’ customers and wish them good luck with the new machine, car, or truck. The App opens possibilities to stay in contact with the user and supply relevant information about maintaining the asset for a higher residual value. No more paperwork, but instead a smooth and customer friendly digital process.

Check-in / Check-out App

For a rental company we configured a Check-in / Check-out App to speed up the process of renting out equipment. With the use of a photo database the Intrador App can quickly see if all options are still there, or the number of driven kilometres are within the discussed conditions, if there are any damages, and if the equipment was returned in time.

The rental agents only take a few photos and answers a few questions when the customer returns the equipment. The Check-in / Check-out App can be used by the customer, by the lessee/tenant himself as well in case he prefers to return the equipment outside the office hours.

Restructuring App

Due to Covid-19, one of our customers was confronted with a record-high number of requests to re-schedule the leasing payments. In principle, our customer was willing to meet most of these requests but was very keen to exclude fraud and ensure the collateral was still present.

For this customer, we configured the Repossession App. A few photos of the asset will confirm that the asset is still present, gives an indication of the condition, and this makes it possible to estimates the value. The lessee receives a link which automatically downloads the app and the execution only takes a few minutes. The monitoring of the assets makes it operable to calculate the risks that the rescheduling of the payments create.

Remarketing App

Intradors Remarketing App is designed to carry out inspections worldwide on used equipment. Remarketing inspections are more complex and comprehensive because the equipment is being returned to the leasing companies, who wants to be assured that the used assets meet the requirements set in the contract and return conditions. The Remarketing App enables you to have all relevant information like photos and other data well arranged in your systems and perform the remarketing inspections in a compliance-proof way.

Branding App

Many manufacturers and brands find the branding on machines and showrooms very important. For some of these brands there are requirements to be met by the dealers, concerning their branding in showrooms or on machines. This matter has led Intrador to the creation of the branding App. With use of photos and additional data the mandatory criteria can be checked from any location, avoiding on site visits and the additional cost.