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Rental - Check-out/Check-in App

All about the Check-out/Check-in App for Rental

All companies renting out equipment are always hoping it comes back the same condition it left the yard. By simply inspecting the item with a few pictures before it leaves the yard you will never have the risk on arguing on damages already there or happened during the rental period. Submitting lessee information and pre-defining the noticeable damages within the inspection app by check-out, you’re documenting and saving this information in a structured way so there will be no dispute regarding the before and after condition of the piece of equipment. Features like annotating (pointing out) damages on the pictures or signing the document within the inspection app is speeding up the process and when your machines having QR-codes, simply scan the work even smarter.


Smart features using Artificial Intelligence

Within our Inspection Solutions we use Artificial Intelligence, making our solution smarter, quicker and more reliable. For example, when inspections are being done by checking and verifying if the actual location of where the inspection is done is the same as the expected location.

Using our solution, fraudulent pictures taken from a screen or monitor are detected and flagged in clear dashboards, all to try to prevent and reduce fraud/risk to a minimum. With constantly improving our models and inspection processes, our Inspection Solutions will become more and more reliable and smarter, for example by recognising which part of the asset is being inspected. This way we can suggest what to focus on or what options/accessories could be equipped, possibly even recognising missing items or spot damages. Upon request, we can create tailor-made machine learning models specifically for your own equipment (data).


Fast & (cost) efficient

Manage all from 1 solution, streamline and digitize your processes and act pro-actively on potential risk, fraud or revenue loss. In the past, our customers hired several external audit agencies performing checks, using different solutions with high costs. With our Inspection Solutions all can be managed from 1 solution, get the right dashboards, feedback and be more in control.

Anybody, everywhere, anytime

With the Inspection App, anybody could be your inspector. When you want to verify a piece of equipment or for when advertising it, simply assign the inspection. Or, when you want to buy a pre-owned asset on the otherside of the world, you can have it inspected by the seller to ensure your purchase, in more than 15+ different languages.

Continuous development

Intrador works hard on continuous development of our SaaS solutions. It's important for us to keep challenging ourselves, staying ahead of our competition and be on top of everything. With going to the extra mile and developing smart(er) solutions every time we keep try to amaze our customers.